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Some of 215 Yoga's clients include:

"With no prior yoga experience, I didn’t know what to expect or if I would even enjoy it. After my first class with Octavia, I was instantly hooked. I immediately felt a personable relationship with Octavia which helped me to feel relax in her class as I followed her encouraging words. I loved her energy, positive attitude, and her willingness to personally help you throughout the class. She makes her class fun, challenging, and enlightening as well. If you are new to yoga or have even experienced many yoga classes, go take a yoga session with Octavia, you won’t be disappointed!

-Aaron C. from Philadelphia, PA, February 2018


"Taking a yoga class with Octavia was a great experience. Her warm approach to yoga makes the class so much more enjoyable. She really makes you feel like she wants you to be there with her and you equally are happy to be there as well. I felt so much better after her yoga class and would highly recommend her classes to anyone wanting a truly relaxing and friendly yoga class."

-Sarah D. from Philadelphia, PA, February 2018


"I have worked with Octavia by photographing her yoga events. Even though I was behind the camera, Octavia brought a lot of energy, knowledge, and skill to her class that was felt by everyone in attendance. Not only is she pleasant, but she also made me feel welcome even as a background component to the class itself. This speaks a lot of Octavia as an inclusive person."

-Dan Barends, Dan Barends Photography, January 2018


"Working with Octavia has been amazing every time. She’s energetic, yet laid-back. And always makes a few jokes to loosen up the audience and make the experience actually fun, beyond just a yoga flow. She’s also punctual and highly-communicative. We work with her on a regular basis for our Rooftop Yoga Series for around 60 attendees/event, with my company Vea Fitness. Can’t wait to do our next event together!”

-Jonathan Maxim, Vea Fitness, July 2017


"Octavia's yoga class has been a great addition to our office culture! She is able to tailor the class so that people of different levels of experience are able to benefit from the practice. From a scheduling standpoint, Octavia is reliable, always on time (if not early) and always easy to get a hold of! Her classes are challenging but fun and the music is always upbeat. She knows when she is able to push you a little bit further as well as when its time to rest. I would highly recommend Octavia as a corporate yoga instructor!"

-Meghan Griffiths, Sr. Operations Analyst of Inspire, June 2017


"I just went to Flow In the Dark and it was an epic yoga event by 215 Yoga and Run 215! The energy was insane and the music and lighting {and glow sticks} really made for a fun night.  Not to mention the style of 215 Yoga is not only rejuvenating but a great stretch.  The fine toning is always a plus too!  I can't wait for the next event that Octavia puts together!"

-Emily Molnar, Owner of Tackle and Tone Fitness, February 2017


"Thanks so much for hosting Flow in the Dark -- it's such a creative concept and was a fantastic experience! After I returned from Iraq, I started practicing yoga to help relax and decompress. Most of the yoga classes I've been to have been slow-paced and quiet, and the energy and liveliness of your class was a welcome change! I hope to attend more events in the future. Thanks again!"

-Jesse H. from Philadelphia, PA, February 2017


"I purchased private classes with Octavia because as a beginner, I desired some one on one instruction to be certain I was performing to my best.  Octavia switched up her instruction for each session while tailoring it to my needs that day.  She was engaging yet kept me focused on our practice, even tried something fun and introduced me to AcroYoga.  Octavia is inspiring and comes highly recommended."

- Tanya D. from Philadelphia, PA, December 2016


"As a business owner, attracting top talent and providing employees an enjoyable work environment is extremely important to me. Offering weekly yoga classes through 215 Yoga has allowed Highjinx to do both. As someone who has never done yoga before, I was curious as to how the varying degree of skill would be handled but Octavia did a great job of working with everyone one on one. Yoga classes through 215 Yoga have proven to be a great investment for our company."

-Mark Prinzinger, CEO at Highjinx, October 2016


"Yoga can be intimidating, especially if you are new, and especially if you are a guy (although that should not be true). My experience with Octavia was in a small group, some more experienced and comfortable, others less experienced and intimidated. Before we even began, she was able to ease the tension and promote excitement. She has a very friendly, welcoming personality, and an excitement about her craft that shows right away! The class itself was great. I felt challenged during the class, and very accomplished and relaxed after. She was able to keep a great flow to the class while correcting each participant individually. I have had experiences with many different yoga instructors, and I would not change a thing about the way she teaches her class!"

-Dr. Zachary Tripp, Chiropractor at Brewerytown Chiropractic, October 2016


“Octavia has been coming to PFCU to teach yoga classes for the last several months & our employees absolutely love it! It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or an expert, her class is wonderful. I would highly recommend attending if you have the opportunity."  

-Amy Baranowski, Human Resources Trainer at Philadelphia Federal Credit Union, August 2016

Without a doubt, Octavia is one of the most outstanding workers that I have had the pleasure of working with. Octavia is a self-motivated, persistent, energetic, loyal and competent. Her practical, hands on leadership style with her clients is inspirational. She realizes how important it is to be on time, thorough, efficient and professional. She always presented herself in a business manner and treated her peers and clientele with a great deal of respect. Her honesty and hard working attitude are only many of the attributes that Octavia possesses that make her a great fit for any position." 

-Devin Wirt, President, Transformation Fitness, March 2016


“Practicing yoga with Octavia is enlightening. She has incredible energy and wisdom, a raw and effortless style of teaching that leaves one feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I love how she uses guided meditation in her practice and takes the time to help one be more mindful during yoga. I love her classes because she takes the time to make adjustments to help you get the most out of your yoga poses.Take a class or have a personal session, you will feel happiness flow through your body from the tips of your toes all the way to your nose." 
-Anastasia S. from Miami, January 2016
"Why should I practice with Octavia you ask? The answer is simple. She will transform your life! You see, over my many years of yoga practice I've had the pleasure to learn from many yoga instructors. While I've learned from all of them, Octavia, in my opinion is light years ahead of most instructors. What sets her apart? In my opinion, it is her ability to quickly make a personal connection with her students. While in her classes you feel as if you're practicing with her one on one, even though there are other students in the room. Octavia also ends her classes leading her students thru a guided meditation that is truly transformational! Since words can not describe this wonderful experience I highly recommend you give your mind, body, and spirit a huge treat and take Octavia's class!" 
- George Cahill, Broker of Luxury Condo Realty Services Ltd., January 2016
“Had a pleasure to be in a couple of classes led by Octavia at Cross 053. Not only did her class bring positive feelings, it helped me to achieve new goals. Definitely recommend everyone to join at least one of her classes!"   
- Vitaly G. from Philadelphia, PA, November 2015
“I asked to work with Octavia because my sports injuries finally made yoga classes impractical. Working with her one on one has made a huge difference. My daily practice has been revived and the range of motion issues I brought to the table are all improving. In my experience, it’s rare to find someone who can modify poses without upsetting whatever it is that makes yoga greater than the sum of its parts. I don’t exactly know what it is but I can feel the difference. Octavia knows and can do it, and on top of that and everything else she’s fun, professional, and courteous. I highly recommend her.
-Sargent S. from Philadelphia, PA, January 2015